Our commitment
to our Customers.

Quality Policy

Our daily commitment complies with Quality Policies, which is included, supported and implemented in all organisational levels and phases of the production process.

General Quality Objectives:
  • Adopt and maintain an effective and efficient QMS in the Processes, products and services offered in compliance with the legal requirements of applicable regulations and in compliance with other provisions that the Company decides to voluntarily undersign;
  • Understand and strengthen the relationship with Customers and other Interested Parties, improving their level of satisfaction by providing products, services and performance in line with their Expectations;
  • Define Continuous Improvement Objectives, monitoring the results obtained and sharing them with the Interested Parties;
  • Perform Internal Audits to measure the implementation and effectiveness of the QMS and its compliance with this Quality Policy, ensuring the adoption of appropriate Corrective Actions to remove any causes of inadequacy of the QMS;
  • Identify the causes of Non-Compliance and ensure quick and effective responses;
  • Define and assign responsibilities to all Company Figures ensuring that they have been understood and applied;
  • Motivate and involve all personnel so that they become increasingly aware of the importance of their role;
  • Promote appropriate behaviour and shared values in personnel to reduce the risks related to the activities performed;
  • Maintain a high level of awareness of the personnel towards the needs and Expectations of Customers and their degree of satisfaction, by collecting and performing a critical analysis of data and information that can lead to the Continuous Improvement of products and services offered;
  • Define and distribute documented information in a clear and detailed manner that can ensure the efficient and effective functioning of Processes, also in terms of health and safety at work and regarding the environment;
  • Ensure the availability of resources, information and knowledge required for the functioning and control of the Processes, through periodic training and education activities aimed at informing the personnel on the relevance and importance of their activities and the way in which they contribute to achieve the Objectives defined;
  • Select and qualify the suppliers that have an impact on the Quality of Processes, products and services offered, involving them as much as possible in achieving the defined Company Objectives;
  • Make use of third parties that collaborate in compliance with the defined Quality standards;
  • Identify the needs for technological innovation to develop new products and Processes, according to market Expectations, as well as anticipating future needs.