Research, technical solutions, total quality:
our guarantee for innovation.


We are constantly researching and defining new technical solutions, which the global quality of our products depends on; this essential step ensures that every solution is always innovative, regardless of its complexity.

From the earliest design stages, the R&D department is committed to providing the best solutions to optimise the PCB layout and the position of the interface and connection devices.

At the same time, our attention is focused on the aesthetic and functional development of the design, which is carried out in-house or with the cooperation of renowned designers.

Label provides a full “turnkey” service: for the mechanical design, we use widely available software, such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks, ideal for interfacing with the Customer. Moreover, thanks to our experience, we can also provide tailor-made services: from preparing a 3D model to rapid prototyping, from making moulds to moulding parts, all the way to designing the packaging.

By using in-house equipment and with the support of external accredited laboratories, we can also provide our support for end-product certification tests (electro-magnetic Compatibility, electrical safety, environmental tests, vibrations, etc.).