Customised hardware and software
to help you reach your goals.


We interpret and fully define the Customer's technical specifications, or even simply an "idea", to develop the project in its entirety.

Our R&D department, in strict cooperation with the Customer's R&D department, carries out the feasibility study, selects the hardware and software solutions that meet project specifications, identifies the applicable standards and defines times and costs.

We develop products using state of the art processor technologies, such as ARM7, ARM9, Cortex-M0,
Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4 and GSM, GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS wireless solutions.

Within the software industry, we provide cutting-edge solutions using Real Time operating systems, such as Segger, Keil and Embedded Linux, graphics libraries, such as emWin or QT, a development environment based on cross-platform and multi-purpose libraries (Ms Windows, MAC OS X, UNIX/Linux, Embedded Linux, Windows CE/Mobile, Symbian).

In a Linux X11 or Embedded environment, we develop applications with several programming languages, such as Qt, C, Shell Scripting, creating the required Linux device drivers.

If required, we can also provide applicative programmes for Windows® environments developed in .NET, Delphi and Qt.

Another strong point is the in-house development of the PCB layout, which allows EMC requisites to be optimised, in a perspective of reducing times and costs in terms of product development.