Load Limiter (LMI)

This microprocessor device has been designed to prevent vehicles with telescopic boom from tilting due to over-load.

The system consists in a Strain Gauge Sensor, to be installed in the most strategic point, and an electronic device that detects the electric signal and displays the load level through 6 LEDs.

A beep and two relay outputs are activated when the set Prealarm and Alarm thresholds are reached, allowing the operator to intervene immediately for vehicle safety.  


  • Proportional display of the Load by using 6 coloured high-brightness LEDs.
  • The Siren is activated as soon as the Prealarm and Alarm thresholds are reached.
  • Fully automated operation. No operator intervention required.
  • Management of Stabilisers.
  • Prealarm and Alarm dry contacts are used to slowdown and stop telescopic boom extension.
  • Strain Gauge Sensor operation.
  • Guided Calibration to facilitate calibration operations in the field.
  • Automatic Self-Test upon activation.
  • Test Function to verify the proper operation of the relays, LEDs and siren at any time.
  • Automatic Fail-Safe Function.
  • Diagnostic programme to facilitate maintenance procedures.
  • Error management to facilitate troubleshooting.
  • Panel Mounting (DIN 43700).
  • Possibility of product customisation.

Technical Specifications

Indicator Bar   6 coloured high-brightness LEDs
Siren   Buzzer housed inside the equipment
Keyboard   2 mechanical buttons
Power Supply   9 … 16Vdc
Power Consumption   Max. 10W
Alarm Output   2 Relays (max. 0.5A@24Vdc)
Inputs   2 free contacts
Operating Temperature   -15°C … +60°C (+5°F … +140°F)
Case   Noryl UL94 V-0
Degree of Protection (EN60529)   IP40
Equipment: 100g (0.22lb)
Strain Gauge Sensor: 300g (0.66lb)
Dimensions (L x W x H)  
Equipment: 72x36x72mm (2.83”x1.42”x2.83”)
Strain Gauge Sensor: 77x52x22mm (3.03”x2.05”x0.87”)